Recently, the CBC unveiled the details of a brand new recycled bike path project in Quebec City. This innovative project which aims to offer a more resistant surface and thus increase the quality of our cycle paths will be tested for the next year and risks multiplying if it proves conclusive.

Interesting … will you these new bike paths this summer?
– Radio-Canada –
Québec could become the first city in Canada to build bike paths made from recyclable materials. The Municipality has awarded $ 160,000 to test slabs made from compressed porcelain, glass and plastic. If the experiment is conclusive, this new coating could be used throughout the Quebec City cycle network.

The slabs will first be installed on a portion of the cycle path that runs through the Université Laval campus. Another section, located in a zone where traffic is greater, should be announced in the coming days.

According to Natasha Jean, head of the Entrepreneurship file at the City of Québec, tests carried out in Laval University laboratories showed that the slabs were more resistant than asphalt.

“There’s a lot of potential, but you really have to apply it with the temperatures, with real usage,” she says. If the project is successful, it might allow us to be the first city in the country that uses recyclable materials for its bike paths.

The pilot project, involving the City, is valued at $ 214,000. It will be carried out by the company Gaudreau Environnement. The contribution of a little over $ 160,000 from the municipality will allow to build 18 slabs