More than half of all bicycle accidents on the road occur when a car comes on the rear-side of the cyclist. However, many of these accidents could have been avoided if cyclists have equipped their bikes with a mirror, like a car.

Until today, mirrors were sometimes too large or were found in a position sometimes too cumbersome. But this time is gone with the new ultra discreet Corky mirrors from The Beam Company, which we are pleased to serve as a distributor in Canada.

Before going any further, what better than a video to watch the effectiveness of this product …

The Corky bicycle mirror was designed by a Red Dot Award winner, one of three major design awards in the world. It offers a 360 degree control and allows the cyclist to see up to 40 meters behind. In addition, for fans of aerodynamics, know that this mirror has been designed to minimize the air resistance. Finally, you can also close the mirror to protect it and ensure its long lifetime.

For now, the Corky bicycle mirror is only available for road bikes equipped with drop-bar. It is easily installed at the end of the handlebar. Five colors are available to match the colors of your bike: Green, Gray, Sky blue, Yellow, White.

Mirrors are currently available in several bike shops for only $ 19.99. The season is still young, think safety and get the new ultra discreet Corky mirror right now!

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