The fall season is on so days are getting shorter. In this regard, we have made for you a short guide on how to make sure you are visible when cycling and not get caught in the dark, or during the day when you have to pass through a tunnel.


Nowadays, there is no longer any reason to not be equipped with a light on his bike. Powerful, ergonomic, rechargeable, easy to install, these are some features you may find on most lights on the market.

When buying, consider the power of the light. For example, the Shanren Rover light ($ 119.99) offers a power of 1000 lumens with military components. A function that allows the light to flash is also to be taken into account since it will be more visible to motorists day and night.

Some products directly integrate a light to offer a set of functions that benefit the consumer. This is the case on some bikes, such as our SpeedX smart bikes with white light up front and a red light with flash option at the rear end. The lights, rechargeable, light up automatically as soon as the darkness falls, smart no? Follow us on Facebook to find out when SpeedX bikes will be available in Canada in the coming year.

Other products that can integrate a light are bike computers. For example, all Shanren computers come with a powerful 300-lumen light and all the smart features you’ll find on any other computers on the market. This is a great way to save money and keep it safe at the same time!

Sharen Discovery

239,99$ unit only

299,99$ including unit + speed and cadence sensors


Shanren Raport II



Finally, it is possible to find integrated lights on helmets and backpacks. Some models, especially urban, are available on the market!


Clothing is important to ensure visibility. Opting for clothes with reflective strips and/or fluo-colored clothing will automatically make you more visible. You can also take into account these same features when buying your cycling shoes.


The wheel reflector is very efficient since it is constantly moving inside the wheel. If some still have in mind the ”too big” plastic reflectors, know that technology has also evolved for this! This is the case of the Flectr reflectors, as thin as a sheet of paper, eco-responsible and which easily adjusts on your spokes for a clean look that will not influence the aerodynamics of your wheels. See it in the following video …

Flectr reflectors are currently available in most bike shops at a price of 24.99$ for a pack of 4 reflectors.


In conclusion, you will find on the market several efficient products that integrate very well on your bike or on you without affecting your comfort or your performances. Think about it, this simple detail can save you from serious accident.

Enjoy your rides!