A bit like your car, your bike has a residual value. The more you take care of it, the more you will enjoy your rides and the more good resale value you will have. With this in mind, FLECTR introduces its new product, the GRAVEL GUARD frame protector. Take 5 minutes to read more…and if you are not convinced, watch this short video…you might continue reading!


FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD is manufactured from todays market´s most high-grade protection material which is usually used for special purposes in the aviation and automotive industry. With its superior damping properties and the right thickness, FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD covers the sensitive sections of your bike nearly invisible. Its adhesive provides a reliable bond under all environmental conditions and can be removed after years without residues.



Most adhesive protectors on the market are made from PVC. PVC-protectors are that hard that they aren´t able to follow complex shapes of some bike tube shapes in all dimensions. FLECTR avoids to offer products manufatured from PVC whenever it will be possible, because the thermal recycling (waste incineration) of PVC sets free lots chlorine and dioxines. Gravel Guard is manufactured of 100% PUR, which has way lower environmental impact and the best damping properties on the market and great surfaces. Especially the matte version melts wonderful to matte frames, while the thicker glossy version offers really incredible damping.


FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD fits every bicycle frame – aluminium, steel and carbon. Mounting: self adhering & tool free. Just clean the mounting area with a fresh cloth and mild detergents to keep it free of dirt and grease. Remove the backing paper and stick FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD to your frame. For perfect optical results, wet the mounting area and FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD with soapy water. So you are able to slide it into the best position. Durabilty: 5 years minimum. FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD resists all kind of common detergents and lubricants and doesn´t shrink or go blind.


FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD offers the widest range of protections (kits and individual protections) on the market. All kits are available in gloss and matte.

Prices range from $ 12.99 for individual protection to $ 59.99 for a complete kit for an XL frame. FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD will be available in many Canadian bike shops next spring, in time for your season!

If you have any questions or would like to sell the FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD, write to us at info@senditgear.com